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30ft 1in Carriages Gas pipes.

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:46 am
by murryb
I am in the process of building a D425. From the picture in the book on these carriages this Parcel Van looks to have the Gas pipes on the End with steps and on the left hand side which seems to be confirmed by the photo on the front cover of the Journal Vol 8 No 5 2016 and in addition gives a good view of the pipes on the roof.In the book on these carriages there is not a drawing showing the pipes on the end with steps. The drawings by A Gunn of the coach ends do not show gas pipes because they come up in the guards compartment.There is a drawing of the gas lamp on the roof with two pipes coming from the lamp and also the 6 wheel coach end & fittings (standard) show the gas pipe splitting in two (but no steps). Why two pipes? and while I am at it how close to the ventilators does the rainstrip go. In the journal mentioned it looks like between 6-12 inches.
Any comments please

Re: 30ft 1in Carriages Gas pipes.

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:00 am
by murryb
I have received the following reply to my inquiry about the rainstrip to the Picnic Saloon Trust from Tony Lyster
The rain strip on this saloon is 17 inches from the gutter edge above the centre axle (6 wheel coach), the rain strip itself is 2.25 inches high at this point but tapers down to 1.25 inches high at the end and the end of the strip comes to about an inch from the coach end
There was a couple of other questions to which the answers confirmed that the drawings on the back of Philip Millard's book is pretty much as built. If there is a reprint it would be nice to have these drawings enlarged as the writing needs to be read under a magnifying glass.
I would suggest those who are interested visit the Trusts facebook page.